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21  dancing classes during 9 days

The chance to cross 'Phuket, Thailand' off your Travel Bucket List

Accessing to Elite International Dance Choreographers

The chance to make friends from all over the world on a Boat trip

Challenging your body to learn multiple styles

Experience the true, raw, and unfiltered vibe of Street Dance


Asia Camp is a professional, intensive dance camp, pioneered by Di "Moon" Zhang since 2016. It is held during August ever since 2016 in Duangjitt Resort & Spa, Phuket Island, Thailand. During 2019.8.19-2019.8.25, we just successfully partnered with 10 influential and respected international choreographers including Brian Friedman, Kyle Hanagami, Nika Kljun, Hollywood, Sienna Lalau, Zacc Milne, Haley Fitzgerald,Haley Messick, Sayaka, Madison Cubbage to expand Asia Camp name globally. We had over 350 dancers from more than 30 countries including China; Japan; Korea; Thailand; Philippines; Vietnam; Singapore; Malaysia; Brunei; Kazakhstan; Russia; India; Pakistan; Iran; Israel; Italy; UK; France; Australia; New Zealand; USA; Canada, which makes this dance camp combing intensive dancing training, traveling, showcase together.

Tutors' Feedbacks

Nika Kljun

Haley Messick

Brian Friedman

Since day one Asia Camp has been phenomenal. It's a very significant camp filled with remarkable moments.

Asia Camp is the experience of a lifetime! The energy, the work ethic, and the passion are unparalleled. Working with you all was a blessing. Thank you for making my experience so memorable.

I loved the energy so much at Asia Camp. It felt like such a safe environment to explore movement! I can't wait to go back!

Students' Feedbacks

Elizaveta Kornilova (Russia):

Dear Bella, thanks a lot for active participation in the organization of the camp. The organization of the camp is better. Thanks for feedback & taking into account the wishes of students. The camp was as usual dope. The teachers were on fire. There was a lot of incredible dancers and good guys.

Tal Asraf (Israel):

Dear Bella, it’s time to say thank you so much for all the attitude and help throughout the last week from us the Israeli delegation and we are sure everyone feels exactly the same. You make sure everything works properly with maximum help and minimum time so thank you and all the staff. We spent a lovely week with lots of inspirations!! We wish us all an amazing dance year and come visit Israel we have a stunning country. Thanks you very much for everything.

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