General questions 



Q: What is the age range to attend Asia Camp 2020?

A: The age limit is 14 years old. If you are under 18 years old, there should be a guardian coming with you. You can come with your parents or friends who are adults (18+). 

Q: Where does Asia Camp 2020 take place?

A: Asia Camp takes place in Convention Hall, Duangjitt Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand every year.


Q: How much does Asia Camp 2020 Cost?

A: We offer two classe types: Jazz & Urban for Asia Camp 2020. If you want to see detailed prices for each package, please pay attention to our Official website, we will keep updating the information.


Q: Do you offer special discount?

A: We offer special deals including: Blind Bird Price; Black Friday Price; Early Bird Price and Group Price.
If the payment has not been transferred to the Organizer according to appointed deadlines, the promotional prices no longer apply.


Q: How do I get latest Asia Camp news online?

A: You can follow us on our social media: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We keep updating videos and information on those channels.


Q: How do I get in touch with you?

A: You can contact us via Emil: Be aware that due to high amount of emails we receive every day, it can take longer to receive a reply. You will find most of your answers faster if you go through this Q&A carefully.


Q: What is the level of all the dancing classes?

A: In general, the classes are Intermediate to Advance level. We don’t recommend beginners to register.


Q: What language will be used in the camp?

A: All our choreographers are International artists. They use English to teach in the classes. 


Q: Can I bring a friend or family member if they don’t dance? And can they watch and take pictures for me?

A: Yes. You can take a friend or family member with you. However we do not allow the visitors to the dancing room to watch or take pictures. They need to cover their travel, accommodation, transportation cost by themselves.


Q: Can I film and take pictures in the classes?

A: You can take photos before or after the classes and during the breaks. We don’t allow the student to film the whole classes during the classes. We have our official photographers to take pictures and videos.


Q: Will there be any pick-up and drop-off services?

A: We do not offer pick-up and drop-off services of Asia Camp 2020. You need to make your own reservation online according to your own flight information.


Registrations, payments and cancellations



Q: How do I get registration for Asia Camp 2020?

A: You need to get registration on our official website. Once you put down the full payment or the first installment, you are officially registered. Please be noticed that we don’t accept oral registration via Email.


Q: What happens after registration online?

A: After you finish the full payment or first installment, your booking will be processed within 5 working days. You will receive confirmation email that will include a Registration form. You need to fill the registration form and email back to us.


Q: If I put down a payment and decide not to go, Can I get a refund?

A: We have a No Refund Policy. Please be sure of your commitment to this venture before claiming your spot. If something emergent (Like you get badly injury and cannot aboard the plane) happens one week before the camp starts, we will save the spot for you till the next year. However you need to pay the accommodation fee for the next year.


Q: Can I get a refund if I get injured or sick during the event?

A: No. For medical conditions occurred during the event, the Organizer is not obligated to refund. We do have medical emergency box which will cover most of mild physical discomfort.


Accommodation and Facilities



Q: With whom will I share room?

A: There will be two participants to share one room during the event. We will arrange the participants according to their gender.


Q: How do I proceed if I want to share the room with my friend who does not participant to the dance camp?

A: If you wish to stay in the room with your friend, please make sure you write us his or her name in the Registration form. Please note, that we may not be able to meet your request if your friend does not complete the payment on time, or they will book another accommodation type. Should you have any concerns, you can contact us via Email.


Q: Do I need to pay the deposit at the reception when I check-in?

A: Yes. The deposit is 50USD or 3000THB. The hotel will return the deposit when you check-out after they check the room status is OK.


Classes and Schedule



Q: Will you promise to bring all the line up teachers online or will there be any changes?

A: There could be some changes of the artists. We are always doing our best to bring the artists from our line up to the camp. However, changes occur depending on artists’ availabilities. In such case, the Organizer reserves the right to change the line up teachers.


Q: Is the schedule fixed?

A: There will be small adjustments of the class schedule due to teachers’ flight changes or some other emergencies.

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